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Ocean Space is a leading Distribution and Retail
company in Indonesia, offering a comprehensive
solution for all your technology and lifestyle needs.

The Best Center for Technology and Lifestyle

Embracing a New Era of Connectivity and Inspiration Through Technology – we are dedicated to bringing about positive change and delivering indispensable technological solutions in your everyday life.

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Our Service

Relentless Innovation

We are committed to continuously developing innovative and relevant technological solutions to meet the future needs of society.

Reliable Quality

Our products and services are designed and prepared with superior standards to provide the best experience for our loyal customers and business partners.

Social Responsibility

We value corporate social responsibility by contributing to the community through sustainable social and environmental initiatives that impact the future positively.

Team Collaboration

At Ocean Space, we believe that solid team collaboration is the key to achieving long-term success and fostering a wealth of ideas and creativity that can make a positive impact.

Our Company


PT MKLI or Maju Kendaraan Listrik Indonesia is the largest electric vehicle distribution company in Indonesia. With the presence of Auto EV as its…

TOP Selular

CV. Top Selular

CV TOP Selular, founded in Cirebon on July 6, 2011, initially started as a distributor of smartphones and accessories with various brands, but…

CV Maju Tecnologi

Maju Tecnologi

On June 17, 2021, CV Maju Tecnologi was established to facilitate the distribution of smartphones and accessories to all cities and provinces across Indonesia…

Board Of Director

Our Testimonial

I am incredibly grateful to be a part of Ocean Space. During my time here, I have felt valued as a member of a solid team. The open company culture allows me to contribute with ideas and develop my potential to the fullest
Jan Masters
Ocean Space truly provides exceptional career opportunities and unparalleled support. Working in this company has been the best decision I ever made. I feel highly appreciated as an employee, and the recognition for my contributions keeps me motivated
Jane Wilcox
Ocean Space is where creativity and innovative ideas thrive. I am given the freedom to think creatively and innovatively. I also contribute to the development of highly beneficial products
Dan Ellis

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Temporibus illum delectus provident

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Laboriosam aut qui fuga qui fugiat corrupti

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Est magni quo itaque cupiditate minus illo

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